About Us

Christa Harden

MXC Media is run by Christa Harden and was founded in 2015 with her late husband Mikalae Harden.  They had been working together since 2010, perfecting their installation techniques, job management skills, wide format printing, design of wraps, and overall awesome attitudes. They branched off to form MXC Media in July of 2015; offering installation services for projects of all sizes.  Following Mik’s passing Christa went on to achieve her PDAA Master’s Certified Installer, 3M Preferred Installer, and Avery Certified Wrap Installer designations, and Washington State General Contractor’s License. She will ensure the highest of standards are met for your job.

In Loving Memory of Mikalae Harden

On July 31st, 2018 the world lost a wonderful man. My husband, the love of my life, and the best business partner anyone could ask for, was in a motorcycle accident and passed away. My world is upside down with this loss, but I know he was proud of the business we built together. I will continue on to honor the work he did, and to remind everyone how special he was. I love you Mik, and will miss you forever.

– Christa Harden

Mik started his career in printing by servicing and repairing copiers and large format machines. After seeing enough print shops he said, why not do this myself? He started Battle Ground Printing at 19 with his father Michael Harden, and over the years changed it from a small print shop to one-stop shopping for marketing a small business. Mik decided that maybe it was time to simplify and focus his abilities on one service so that he could do his best work all the time. His greatest talent was in his ability to wrap vehicles and install a diverse range of signs and materials, so MXC Media was born.

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